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Blue Yeti X Accessories To Improve Your Yeti Microphone

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I made a list of mostly inexpensive Blue Yeti X accessories that you must have.

Blue Yeti X Pop Filter VS Foam Cover

Pop Filter

  • Let’s you speak into the microphone with decreased pressure (prevents fast-moving air from going into the microphone)
  • Blocks A LOT of positives



Foam Cover

  • Removes the noise caused by fast-moving air and dampens high frequencies
  • Blocks ALL plosives (high end and low end)



The difference in sound quality between the Pop Filter and the Foam Cover is hard to tell unless you’re really paying attention. Having a big circular pop filter while I am on the computer recording, can be annoying. For convenience’s sake, it’s much more practical to go with the foam cover and to be honest if you are recording for YouTube most people won’t even notice any difference. If you are recording vocals maybe the Pop Filter would be the better choice.

Moukey Microphone Pop Filter

This pop filter looks great! Unfortunately, in my experience, it doesn’t seem to do much. It actually makes the microphone sound worse and it doesn’t seem to be blocking the plosives.


Not recommended.

Blue Yeti X USB Cable

blue yeti x cable

Probably the worst design about the Blue Yeti X microphone is the Micro USB connection and the original cable that comes with it. My original cable broke after very short use. I would defiantly recommend upgrading to something slightly better that will last. Luckily they are inexpensive and you have a lot of options.


Basic Microphone Boom Arm

This is probably the most basic boom arm that you can get. It does a pretty good job as long as you pair it with a shock mount. This is what I’ve been using for the past two years without any issues.


Premium Boom Arm

Based on research, this is possibly one of the best options out there. Depending on how solid your desk is, I would still pair it with a good shock mount.


Blue Yeti Foam

This foam is made to fit the original Blue Yeti microphone. It does fit the Blue Yeti X, but it looks a little bit strange. Since it’s the same price as the Flocked foam above, I would personally go for the Flocked foam one. See the photos below to see what you like.


Blue Yeti X Shock Mount

If you are using a microphone boom arm on your desk you could probably benefit from having a Shock Mount to absorb vibration. Cardioid microphones are extremely sensitive and having a shock mount could save you a lot of editing time. I’ve learned the hard way.



The Best Blue Yeti X Foam
Flocked Foam
Blue Yeti X Foam VS Blue Yeti Foam Fit
Blue Yeti Pop Filter
Moukey Microphone Pop Filter - Not Recommended

What is your experience with The Blue Yeti X Microphone? Do you use a pop filter or a foam cover? and what do you use it for? Are you looking to upgrade? Let me know in the comments below.

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